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By merging new-age technologies and skilled team, we ensure a robust on-boarding process for healthcare organizations that are looking for the best-certified nursing staff across the state.


Fulfilling Staffing Needs

We follow a robust process to find the perfect match for healthcare organizations and professionals.


PRO Consultancy

Cross Connection Medical Solutions is the destination to acquire pro consultancy related to the health facilities recruitment process.


Empowering Job Seekers

Our professionals enable healthcare job seekers to recruit in the right position.

Nurse Staffing Made Easy with Cross Connection Medical Solutions

Robust Process

By leveraging cutting-edge technologies and a talented team we cater to all healthcare organizations and professionals needs proactively.

Specialized Team

We offer the perfect remedy for nurse staffing no matter if you are a renowned healthcare organization or certified professionals

24/7 Support

We enable healthcare organizations and professionals to reap the benefits of the perfect match through a nonstop support system.

Result-Oriented Solutions

We never entertain healthcare organizations and professionals with a one-size-fits-all approach, instead, we offer result-driven solutions.

Our Services

Tell us your priorities. We will make them our own. Whether you are challenged with high employment turnover rates, tough to fill nursing positions, seasonal spikes, or balancing organizational and patient care needs, we’re here to provide solutions geared towards your daily operational needs and success. We make staffing simpler by focusing on what matters most: providing exceptional and quality care to the people we serve.

Cross Connection Medical Solutions can assist you with:

• Access to better, qualified, and experienced talent. Fully credentialed and compassionate healthcare professionals that align with your facility’s needs.
• Accurately match staff levels to dynamic patient care demands.
• Get help when you need it, with 24-hour customer service and on-call support.
• Streamline staffing with a single point of contact- an experience staffing manager who understands your organization and goals.

Job Seekers

No matter if you’re an RN, LPN, or CNA, we will help you to land on the right job in just a few taps. We are here to boost your career from temporary to shifts and full-time employment opportunities. Be it healthcare staffing for long-term care facility, assisted nursing home, skilled nursing facility, physical rehabilitation center, lab, or doctors’ offices, we can meet your needs.


Cross connection medical solutions are the ultimate platform to hire RNs, LPNs, & CNAs to care for your patients. You just focus on your healthcare center operation and leave the hiring process on us. No matter if you are facing minor troubles while hiring the perfect nursing staff or you want to enroll the best candidate, we can help you with solutions that offer you peace of mind.

Ace Your Recruitment Goals

We utilize modern technologies and creative mindsets to enable healthcare organizations to recruit experienced nursing staff with ease.

Explore New Opportunities

We are here to exceed your expectations by opening up new doors of opportunities in the healthcare sector.

Turning Your Big Dreams into Reality

If you yearn to turn your big dream into an amazing reality then you must opt for our result-oriented solutions.

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Check out our latest blog post and discover the best tips that help health sector organizations and professions to perform at an optimum level!

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October 26, 2020

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November 2, 2020

How to Overcome Nurse Burnout

Nurse Burnout Nurses play a major role as patient advocates, servicing their holistic needs, engaging with their families, as well as communicating with members of the interdisciplinary team. Most importantly, nurses play a vital role in patient safety and positive patient outcomes.

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